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Optimal Use of Your Filters


Ensure that your Bong as well as Downstem are both clear of all debris and residue before inserting the first BS Filter.


Keep the tip of the BS Filter outward so that you can see the BSF Embossment at all times.


Always remove the BS Filter with the Bowl to ensure the structural integrity of the BS Filter remains intact. 


After each BS Filter it is recommended to rinse your Bong to ensure there is no scent.


Once the BS Filter is inserted into the Bong inhale on the bong briefly (5-10 seconds) to ensure the BS Filter is slightly damp before use. 


It is HIGHLY recommended to use each individual BS Filter for a maximum of 15 individual Bowls of any substance.


Remove the BS Filter if it is not being used within two hours of last use to maintain shape and composition.


Never attempt to forcefully inhale ash into the Filter YOU MAY HURT YOURSELF. The Filter is there for a reason, tap your ash out of your bowl.

Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the Bong Stem Filter inserted?

The Bong Stem Filter is inserted into the Downstem whether it is 10mm,14mm or 18mm.


Do I insert the Bowl into the Filter?

The Bowl is inserted into the Filter (Once it has been placed in the Downstem) on 10mm and 14mm Bongs. On 18mm the Bowl goes directly over the Filter (Once it has been placed in the Downstem).  


Do my Bowl and Downstem have to be separate pieces?

It is the best way to optimise use of your Bong Stem Filters however where applicable your Bong may be adaptable outside of Question 1 and 2 (above) parameters. Reach out to one of our Green Technologists at for additional help or instruction.


How does the Bong Stem Filter not burn when in use?

Any Ash is extinguished upon entry of your Filter, Sbc's Patented Technology was created through rigorous testing to ensure the safety of the User.


Is there a way to determine when the Filter is ready to be changed apart from counting?

Most Users of Bong Stem Filters are able to identify a need for a change in Filter when the taste has drastically changed from anything less than optimal.


Why should I remove the Bong Stem Filter if it is not being used in a two hour time frame?

The Filter should be removed to allow for drying, this will keep the Filter crisp and ready for use. Water will speed up the way the material Biodegrades so it is highly recommended to ensure you follow the optimal use guidelines above.


Why is it optimal to change the Water in your Bong if the Bong Stem Filter keeps it clean? 

A Bong like any other wet environment with stagnant Water can succumb to Bacterial and Fungal growth. It is for the Health of every Bong user that we warn you to ensure that you do not get sick change your Water. The Filter is there to optimise your Bong use not to remove Microbes from the Bong Water.


What do I do if the passage for Air becomes blocked in the Bong Stem Filter? 

If the Bong Stem Filter seems to have any hesitation on the suction of your Bong we strongly recommend to let the Filter dry slightly then proceed to twist the Bong Stem Filter gently while squeezing the lower portion of the Filter to free up any debris that may be clogging your Bong Stem Filter. If your Bong Stem Filter has already been used and this occurs cover your hand with a barrier such as Paper Towel to avoid the Natural Adhesive getting on your hands.  


What do I do to make the Bong Stem Filter fit in an 18mm Bowl Piece? 

The Bong Stem Filter can be cut at the neck and made to fit comfortably inside of an 18mm Bowl Piece. The alternate to cutting the Bong Stem Filter which is the initial designed use of the Bong Stem Filter for 18mm Bowl Pieces is to fold the tip inward until it can be made to fit comfortably inside of an 18mm Bowl Piece.

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