BS Filter Case (144 Units)
  • BS Filter Case (144 Units)

    The BS Filter Case is intended for large retailers. The BS Filter case contains 6 BS Filter cartons (144 BS Filter Eight Packs). See Product Information and the Link For More Information below for basic information and optimal use of BS Filters.

    • Product Information

      The BS Filter or "Bong Stem Filter" is a Filter designed by Sbc Green Innovations Corporations Green Technologists specifically for the Bong User. Rigorous testing has led this product to the market with so many in need of a product that keeps their bong clean from the first use. Without the need for use of expensive cleaners or shaking of the bong the Bong Stem Filter has an effective rate of 84.6% in a comparative test with only a degradation rate of -0.2% in effectiveness with each change of BS Filter. Tired of cleaning your bong? Try the BS Filter today.

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      30 Day Money Back Guarantee for unopened and undamaged Product. Any abnormalities and return/refund requests should be directed to Customer Service.

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    • What to do?

      10mm and 14mm

      1.Insert the Filter into your Downstem

      2.Insert the Bowl into the Filter/Downstem and enjoy


      1.Tear or cut the Filter at an appropriate height to fit in the base of the Bong Bowl Piece and enjoy

      2.Insert into the Bong Bowl Piece and enjoy